Vehicle Theft Technology

The increase of crime in South Africa has definitely increased over the years. Due to the low economy and the rise of inflation which has had a domino effect in businesses as well as peoples livelihoods has definitely lead to desperation and therefore, an increase in our crime rates.

Taking a closer look into car theft and hijacking, statistics show that there has been an alarming increase of 14,5% in car related crime since 2016. These numbers are very concerning but also gives us a insight as to how much opportunity there is for both government as well as private companies to come up with technologies and initiatives that could ultimately change the lives of both victims as well as the criminal by providing safety and also creating more chances of employment.

According to data from Tracker, vehicle technologies such as tracking devices are 80% more likely to be recovered. As traditional car alarms become less effective, theft mechanisms become more and more sophisticated which means we too have to up the anti when it comes to vehicle theft prevention. Vehicle manufacturers have tried to produce numerous methods of car safety over the past few years. Such technologies include cars that have biometric scanners which unlock cars and start engines without keys but merely with your finger print. Also as mentioned before, are also very popular in car security and are becoming a standard feature in the latest cars. The tracker enables a GPS system to be able to monitor and locate the location of the vehicle.

Global Vehicle Testing, provides knowledge and advertises another amazing high-tech safety product called Veridot. Veridot, are tiny microscopic dots sprayed onto a vehicle. These dots are invisible to the naked eye and difficult, near to impossible to remove. Each dot is unique to each car and owner and much like finger prints it cannot be duplicated. This innovative technology enables authorities to locate missing vehicles in the case of theft. With the use of these products and many more, vehicle related crimes will decrease but one should always remain vigilant and practice safety basics.

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