What is needed to have your vehicle declared Roadworthy

What is needed to have your vehicle declared Roadworthy
A roadworthy certificate verifies that your vehicle is in full working shape for daily use on the road. You can get this through Global Vehicle Testing but it is essential as your life or others may be in danger. If your car is found to be unroadworthy of being on the road, your car can be confiscated by the police. Furthermore, your car insurance provider will not pay out a claim if your car is not worthy of being on the road.

How often do I need to get the roadworthy certificate?

You would only need a roadworthy certificate at the sale and purchase of a vehicle. You should also know that it is the buyer’s duty to make sure the vehicle is roadworthy. You need to have a legitimate, roadworthy certificate before you transfer the vehicle into your name. You would also need to have your new vehicle tested for roadworthy within three weeks of purchasing the vehicle.

The roadworthy test is simple; it involves making sure that all major safety elements of the vehicle are in great working order. These elements include all the safety belts, brakes, steering, exhaust system, transmission, mirrors and the electrical components/systems. The test also requires checking the vehicle’s documentation and serial numbers; this is to make sure you haven’t unwillingly purchased a stolen vehicle.

As a citizen of South Africa we all have the right to be safe when driving on our roads and that essentially means there needs to be a system to safeguard this right to safety. We are all need to have a license to drive; this ensures that every person behind the wheel of a vehicle is able to completely understand how to operate their vehicle. It only makes sense that the vehicles we are licensed to drive are also safe on our roads and not a hazard to ourselves and other motorists.

At Global Vehicle Testing we do precise and detailed vehicle roadworthy checklists such as; caravans, motorcycles, trailers and vehicles. We have branches nationwide so visit us today!

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