What is a vehicle registration certificate?

The certificate of registration has somewhat changed its design over the last few decades. At the moment and for some time now, every single traffic department in South Africa has up graded to a greenish themed document that is supplied by the traffic department. The vehicle registering department of authority only prints the information on the themed page, the watermark is already on the supplied sheet before it is inserted to the printer. To prevent fake certificates and to protect ownership of a motor vehicle, besides the watermark and the recognizable theme, the fonts used to print the information is exclusive and not freely available. Rarely, the fonts may change on the most unnoticeable sections on the sheet.

Although we have implemented this system nationally and use the same procedure as the official form, this was not what was done in the past, just as everyone's number plates are different in different provinces, specific provinces issued different certificates and they were not identical at the time it was changed. Additionally, even to this day certain registration departments differ depending on the province you are registered too.

If you have a certificate document of vehicle registration and it says "Certificate of Registration" or "Vehicle Certificate of registration" but it's not green themed or familiar to you, don't get rid of it. It can still be valid. Prior to the green themed certificate of registration, the certificate of registration was blue and prior to that, it was hand written in ink and stamped by an official government department.

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