Benefits of a certified Pre-owned

It is time to replace your current car and why many potential car buyers are faced with one hard controversial decision. Do you buy a New or Used car? There are many perfectly good reasons to buy a used vehicle, such as having a wider selection of vehicles in your price range, but probably the biggest advantage for used-car buyers is affordability. Buying a used vehicle could get you the most out of your cash by far, but has a little more risk involved when it comes to the overall performance of the vehicle.

There is no question that buying a used vehicle compared to buying a new vehicle is going to be the cheaper choice. New vehicle owners often take a considerable blow as brand new vehicles can lose a lot its value in the first year alone! Second hand buyers have the added advantage of being able to step up to a better model within the same price range.

It is most definitely true that once you drive a new car off the showroom floor, its value will drop rapidly. Vehicles depreciate continuously over time, but the uncontrolled decline normally happens within the first two years of ownership. In rare cases, some types of vehicles can even lose 40 percent or more of their value within 12 months. With a second hand vehicle, there is still depreciation, just a lot less fast. Improved reliability with certified pre-owned programs

Although second hand cars normally don’t carry the same standard warranties as new vehicles would, the original maintenance plan on a new car is often transferable to another owner, even when purchasing from a private seller. If you buy a certified pre-owned vehicle from an approved dealership you can also select to purchase an extended warranty for the car. Want to get your vehicle roadworthy certified? Drop into Global Vehicle Testing today and allow our professionals to assist you. For more information view our website – Global Vehicle Testing.

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